Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Sing bitch
If you know how
Raise your voice
I’m listening now
Lose those who
Your fame
Is but
A game
Be the master
C’mon faster
You’ve got this
What a trip
Fuck I’m high
Come with me
On this ride
Who needs this life
Who needs this strife
Move on 
I’m with ya
TIL happily-
I’ll be your friend
Your lover
Your start
Your end
Tell me you don’t need me
You don’t believe me
You’re crashing
Losing passion
Wanting more
But you’re poor
Whatcha gonna do
I gotcha!


Dearest Love

You wanted my soul
I gave it to you
And now we unite
Entwined one was two
Sentimental whispers
Etched in line or verse
Deliver this rapture
This mind it is cursed
Taken from shadows
And held to the flame
Love be awakened
Master of this game
I mourn time together
And grieve when apart
Tender mercy I cry
Hold gentle my heart


I’m a liar
I desire
More than you
Can give
I will wait
And placate
My heart will
Settle for less
I’m a mess
Not depressed
Just half here
And there
Do you care
I blather
But I’d rather
Share and hope
You see what
You mean to me
Don’t stammer
Tell me your reason
You choose to treason
Our love affair
Perhaps soon
You’ll swoon
And want me
For you
Until then
It’s the end
No remorse
Stay the course
Song and verse
Hugs goodbye
I won’t cry
I’ll see you soon
Said the Moon