Thursday, February 22, 2018


When I call you
pay me no mind
I’m simply blue
I will be fine

weakness from me
in missing you
time erases
and soon you’ll be
a memory

When a tear falls
oh, please ignore
I’ve hit a wall
you’ve slammed a door

a simple break
my sanity
returning soon
when I am through
thinking of you
and sets the moon


Everyone Leaves

There is this voice
Inside my head
Says I’m useless
Dreams I am dead
See the mourners
False cry for me
Never mattered
But suddenly
I’m not perfect
Everyone grieves
Why are you sad
Everyone leaves
So many faces
Staring at me
Please can you help
I am drowning



I dress her in crushed velvet.
Deep purple, and defiant.
Bright pink strands of colored hair.
Her skin smooth like porcelain.
Cold to touch, all warmth fleeing. 
Fascinating, this stillness.
Ruby lips so plush and ripe.
I taste her, a gentle kiss.
Her screams still echoed aloud.
Contained in this cement room.
Gloriously surrendered.
Hesitant I was to quell.
Morning seeps through thin fabric.
My gaze lingering, my love.
The door closes behind me.
To let my pretty one sleep.